Make Your Landscape Bolder with Boulders

We provide a wide selection of high-quality boulders. Perfect for any retaining wall or other landscaping project you have in mind!

Boulders to complement your property

Boulders create beauty and a sense of permanence within any landscape they’re added to, and Kreth Inc. offers the finest boulders the great state of California has to offer!

Our wide variety of handsome boulders make the ideal foundation for any retaining wall project. Whether you want to create large, steep slopes or slow gradual inclines, the irregular shapes, sizes and colors of boulders will provide a much more natural aesthetic than precut block ever could have.

But boulders are suitable for more than just terracing landscapes. Massive stones make the perfect backdrop for any flower garden, and boulders look delightful when they’re incorporated into a water feature. Artfully place a few boulders by your patio, deck or swimming pool and you’ll have a gorgeous outdoor refuge in no time.

We welcome you to visit our landscaping center to discuss which boulders will best complement your property with one of our resident boulder connoisseurs. And no one knows how heavy these things are better than the Kreth team, which is why we’re standing by to make transport from our landscaping center easy!

Our Boulders
  • Granite
  • Greenstone
  • Sonoma Gold
  • Rhyolite Boulders

  • Limestone boulders

Please contact us today to discuss our vast selection of boulders!